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Posted on 2012/03/25 11:32:03 (March 2012).

[Friday 16th March 2012]
Having shirked my duties for entertaining our visitors from the US for the last three evenings, tonight I thought I should make an effort and take them out for dinner. For various reasons though I ended up only taking one of our visitors out for dinner - but fortunately that was the most affable of them, a very genial chap called Walter. I took him to Polpo, the Venetian baccaro inspired restaurant in Soho, and that seemed to go down rather well. The food seemed to me slightly less exotic than the first time I'd been, but still Walter seemed to enjoy it.

Although this was Walter's second trip to London, both times he'd been on short trips for work, and hadn't really had much of a chance to do any sightseeing, so after dinner he asked if we could just walk around the city and soak up a bit of the atmosphere. So we meandered through Soho, across Piccadilly Circus, down through St. James's, along the Mall a little and past Buckingham Palace, and from there back to the office.

Comment 1

An excellent sightseeing route there, Johnboy. You know London far better than I now!

Posted by Rob Lang at 2012/03/29 16:53:06.

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