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Cocktails at the Office

Posted on 2012/03/11 09:55:57 (March 2012).

[Friday 9th March 2012]
The end of the week beer-and-pizza thing at work has started to lose its sheen a bit. Neither the beer nor the pizza are actually very good, and I started to wonder why I bother to drink the kind of cheap generic lager I would never willingly buy, simply because it's free. Not to mention the fact that other people choose the music (which is usually too loud and not to my taste) and there's often live "entertainment" planned which can sometimes be somewhat jarring. So I had arranged with a few like minded individuals in the office to stage an alternative event to coincide with the standard one, where we'd mix a few cocktails, and not eat any of the awful pizza.

I was pleased by the level of enthusiasm this proposal generated. At the end of the working day we assembled in a large meeting room in a quiet corner of the office, and I proceded to mix a series of Martinis, Negronis and Pink Gins for the group. I'd bought a bottle of Juniper Green gin, encouraged by the fact it was actually made in London (as few London Gins are these days) but it wasn't really a patch on the excellent Sacred Gin I'd had recently. Still, I think I managed to produce some passable cocktails with it nonetheless.

Banal as a party in an office meeting room may sound, it actually made a surprisingly fun venue, and much use was made of the projectors and sound system.

Towards the end of the evening food became something of a priority, and we decided to decamp en masse to Oliveto, for some proper pizza. Which was excellent as always.

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