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Shepherd's Pie and Kimchi

Posted on 2012/03/11 09:55:57 (March 2012).

[Thursday 8th March 2012]
Chie was working late today, so rather unusually I got home before her, and spent quite a while in the kitchen. I'd decided to embark on making another batch of kimchi - this would be the fourth since our recent trip to New Malden to buy the all important Korean chilli powder. This time I decided to measure the ingredients a bit more carefully, and used a whole chinese cabbage rather than half of one. I'd used far too much chilli powder in the previous batch, and too much salt in the one before that (although, that said, that was the best batch too far). This time I used 80g of salt to make the brine in which the cabbage soaks for a few hours before mixing in with the chilli, ginger and garlic paste. Sounds like a lot of salt but then the brine is thrown away afterwards, and only some of the salt gets absorbed into the cabbage.

The kimchi would take a few days before it was ready to eat, and tonight's actual dinner was at the opposite end of the taste spectrum, a comfortingly bland shepherd's pie made with Quorn mince.

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