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Duke of Wellington and Oliveto

Posted on 2012/03/04 09:48:12 (March 2012).

[Wednesday 22nd February 2012]
Chie wanted to eat pizza tonight. As an aside, there was a time when I was forever badgering other people about going to eat pizza, but in recent months I've noticed it's mostly the other way round. This doesn't mean I've gone off pizza, but I like to think it suggests I've successfully instilled that excitement in other people instead. So now I tend to just wait for someone else to suggest it, then respond as casually as possible "Yea, I suppose we could do that...".

Chie had been at a conference and so finished slightly earlier than she normally would, which meant she arrived at my office by 6. Oliveto doesn't open until 7, meaning we had an hour to kill. I'd proposed going for a nice appetite building stroll around Belgravia, but after a few minutes Chie decided it was a bit too cold so proposed going to a pub instead. Not dissimilar to the pizza related mind manipulation experiment, I suppose. So we wiled away the time until Oliveto opened in the Duke of Wellington, which I think is the nearest pub (I'm obviously excluding the Thomas Cubitt from that category) to Oliveto. They have a sort of open fire in there.

Dinner at Oliveto was excellent as always. In fact I would say Chie even enjoyed it more than usual. Even the side salad was delicious - they have a particularly good salad dressing which we quizzed the manager about as we were leaving. Note to self - must buy a bottle of that balsamic vinegar he mentioned.

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