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Work and Ciao Bella

Posted on 2012/02/19 19:00:38 (February 2012).

[Saturday 18th February 2012]
I went into the office in the daytime to catch up on some work, I'd worked pretty full days Monday to Friday but still felt I didn't really get enough done. It was rather nice being in the office when it was quiet and there was no-one else around.

Chie came to meet me at the office a little after 5, and we decided to go out somewhere for dinner. I felt in need of some comfort food, and so we decided to go back to Ciao Bella on Lamb's Conduit Street. As before it was packed, the tables were ridiculously cramped, and we only had our table for an hour and a half. We started with the tomatoey garlic bread again (the size of a pizza, and a mere 3.50), then followed with a mushroom pizza and penne alla siciliana, which we shared. The pasta wasn't quite as good as the spaghetti all putanesca I'd had last time, but still the whole thing was hearty and comforting and there's something I just really like about this place. James Sherwood likes it too, apparently.

After dinner we considered going for a drink at the Lamb next door, but it was quite busy and after waiting a while at the bar and not getting served I grew impatient and decided to give up. Instead we randomly went into the bar of one of the hotels around Russell Square, which was a bit dead, but had an interesting late Victorian interior. Although, if I'm honest, I'm a bit bored of late Victorian interiors now.

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