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Posted on 2012/02/19 18:42:38 (February 2012).

[Friday 17th February 2012]
Had a rather difficult conversation with a colleague as I was leaving the office today, which was somewhat upsetting, and overshadowed the whole weekend. I've always liked to think I'm reasonably well liked by the people I work with - or at least they don't have strong feelings either way - but apparently that isn't universally the case. Maybe this is just an unavoidable side effect of being ambitious and, I like to think, hardworking - and expecting those characteristics to at least some extent from the people I work with.

Fortunately, to help take my mind off this somewhat traumatic run-in, I had a fun evening out with Chie, Kyle, Hannah, Al and Charlotte. Kyle and Hannah had been to see the Picasso exhibition at the Tate Britain - I didn't really fancy it, but they'd suggested meeting up for dinner afterwards. We ended up deciding to go to Shepherd's - the old school Westminster restaurant popular with political types. We had a big round table in a sort of booth, and everyone was in high spirits. With the possible exception of me, but I was more than happy to pretend otherwise.

Comment 1

Those difficult conversations are a bi product of being management.

Posted by Rob Lang at 2012/02/22 14:12:09.

Comment 2

I'm not a manager, I'm a "technical lead". Although in some ways that makes things worse - it's the corporate equivalent of being a step parent. There's some expectation that you'll "lead" people, but at the same time those people often resent you for trying to tell them what to do, because you're not actually their manager.

Posted by John at 2012/03/03 10:44:26.

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