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Zetter Townhouse

Posted on 2012/02/04 10:55:17 (February 2012).

[Thursday 2nd February 2012]
Went to the dentist and got my hair cut today, and felt very virtuous about ticking these two things off my TO DO list. I decided to return to my usual barbers after a brief dalliance with the rather more upmarket place I'd been to just before Christmas. I think I rather like the fact that the Polish lady who cuts my hair doesn't try and make inane conversation, and just gets on with the task at hand instead.

In the evening a colleague had suggested going to a place in Clerkenwell he liked for cocktails - the Zetter Townhouse. He'd actually gone so far as to book a table (which ended up being more of a sofa and a couple of stools) for our group from the office, and I'm glad he did as the place was full from the moment we arrived. We were also joined a little later on by Al which was rather nice. I had ummed and arred a little on whether or not to wear my suit, but eventually decided I would, even though I knew the rest of the group would be pretty casually dressed. Cocktails just taste better in a suit. I was rather pleased by the reaction from my colleagues - even our host for the evening, famously the most cynical and anti-establishment individual of the group, seemed to like it.

We tried a number of different cocktails during the course of the evening. Perhaps my favourite was the nettle gimlet, maybe just because of how surprisingly pleasant it was. We tried their version of my two favourites - the Aviation and the Negroni - but for the Aviation they didn't have creme de violette, and in my opinion they used to much lemon juice. The Negroni fared better.

It was a fun evening, and I was particularly pleased with my restraint when my colleagues got in a taxi ja little after 10:30 to head onto another cocktail bar - I politely declined - particularly with it being a school night and everything.

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