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Lamb and Flag, and the end of Deep Fried Pizzas in London...?

Posted on 2012/02/04 10:07:02 (February 2012).

[Tuesday 31st January 2012]
A chap at the office had his British citizenship ceremony today, and to mark the event asked me to suggest a typically British pub somewhere in the centre. So I proposed the Lamb and Flag, where there's an upstairs bit with an area you can book, and it seemed to work out quite well.

After that I was hungry, and dragged a few of the attendees to Rossopomodoro on the promise of a calzone fritti, only to be shocked and dismayed on arrival that they'd removed what I considered to be their signature dish from the menu. After some negotiation with the staff I managed to persaude them to do it anyway, but unfortunately rather than ordering the classic "veracella" (the margherita of deep fried calzones) they were ill advisedly tempted into ordering a version with ricotta and ham, which turned out to be very salty. My veracella was sublime as always, but I'm not sure the rest of them really enjoyed theirs that much, and given how much I'd hyped the whole thing up that was a bit of a disappointing end to the evening. Ho, hum.

I have emailed Rossopomodoro to ask them why they'd make such a baffling change to their menu, but to date haven't had a response yet.

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