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Bonus Day

Posted on 2012/01/29 10:25:25 (January 2012).

[Wednesday 25th January 2012]
Today was bonus day at work (they moved it from March to January as of this year) and whilst as usual nobody seemed to share my crass desire for reckless extravagance to celebrate, there was at least a bit of enthusiasm for some modest social occasion to mark the event.

So for lunch we headed out for pizza at Oliveto, which was delicious as ever - I ordered a pizza with artichokes and capers, which isn't on the menu, but I think it works rather well. In the evening this was then followed with a foray over to Holborn/Clerkenwell, where we started with a couple of drinks at Ye Old Mitre, delightful as ever, and then continued on to The Craft Beer Co., which is apparently somehow connected with the Cask in Pimlico, and just like the the Cask, it wasn't really my sort of thing. I was reminded I go to pubs much more for the atmosphere and the look of the place rather than for the actual beer, and I pretty much universally dislike modern pubs. Like the Cask it's also pretty expensive, and seemed very popular which I find a bit irksome considering the rather banal atmosphere of the place.

So I finished the evening a bit disappointed by the dearth of glamour - bonus day always runs the risk of being an anti-climax like this, but I suppose it's probably commendable that the money is all sensibly going into the fund for eventually buying a flat, rather than some fraction of it being frittered away on decadent excess.

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