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Back to Work in London

Posted on 2012/01/24 07:52:59 (January 2012).

[Monday 23rd January 2012]
Woke up before 6 thanks to jetlag and spent the time usefully sorting out my pictures and getting this blog up to date before work.

Back in the London office today after my week's trip to Japan, and consequently most of the afternoon was consumed with debriefing meetings with various people on my project. Whilst I'm slightly unsure of the value of last week's "summit" in itself, somehow I find I have come back to London with a renewed enthusiasm to get things done.

In the evening my specification for dinner was simply that it had to use some of the "taberu rayu" that Tanaka-san had given us, so we went for the most obvious choice and made ramen. We usually only have ramen at lunchtime on the weekends so this felt a little odd, but I guess it's not a million miles from the traditional Chinese food we often end up having on Mondays, a habit I picked up from Mum. We normally start with some instant vegetarian ramen that Chie buys online, and augment it with "gu" - essentially a stir fry that acts as a topping. Today's "gu" was garlic, onion, ginger, carrots, broccoli and some leftover Quorn from Sunday's roast dinner. We also added some spinach at the last minute, and of course the all imoportant rayu, which I am pretty sure I have now caught Tanaka-san's addiction for.

I've slept really well the past couple of nights since coming back from Tokyo (although have woken fairly early) but find myself falling asleep after dinner in the evenings. This evening was particularly a challenge as I had some work I needed to finish off, and I was literally nodding off as I was trying to type.

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