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Sunday in London

Posted on 2012/01/24 07:35:23 (January 2012).

[Sunday 22nd January 2012]
It was rather lovely to be back in London and have a day together with Chie with no specific agenda today.

We had a Japanese breakfast to start the day - I surprised myself a bit having definitely started to suffer rice fatigue in the last week, but realised I wanted to have everything the way we make it. Miso soup in particular has a lot of variation in it, and I always prefer ours (or Chie's Mum's) to anything else. Also I wanted to make a dent in the "taberu rayu" that Tanaka-san had given us seven jars of. It's rather nice on rice.

We headed out towards the end of the morning, and got the tube to Oxford Circus to do a bit of shopping. Chie looked around the sales a bit, and I reluctantly forced myself to buy a couple of new pairs of trousers - always the most irksome form of shopping. We also shared a pizza at a place called Soho Joe's, as I'd found myself craving pizza during the last week (probably as a reaction to all the rice).

We walked some of the way back, and stopped off at the Sainsbury's on Victoria Street (not our normal Sainsbury's, so it always feels a bit weird and alien whenever we go here) to buy things for dinner. As it was Sunday and I'd been out of the UK for a week I was determined to have a Sunday roast for dinner this evening.

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