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Sunday in Tokyo

Posted on 2012/01/22 18:07:24 (January 2012).

[Sunday 15th January 2012]
My flight landed at Tokyo Narita around 10 in the morning, I got the Keisei skyliner to Ueno, and the metro from there, and was at my hotel - the Ritz-Carlton in Roppongi - not long after midday.

I decided not to stick to my usual policy of trying to stay awake for the whole of the first day, and instead decided to have a nap for a few hours in the afternoon. So I slept until about 5:30, and headed out a little while later to meet up with Tanaka-san. We were going to go for dinner at some place near Ebisu, but that turned out to be closed, so instead we went to Gaya, the macrobiotic izakaya not too far from Shibuya, where I'd also been on my previous visit to Japan. Whilst macrobiotic food isn't all vegetarian, these places often do seem to dabble in vegetarian food a bit. Gaya in particular has a whole page in the menu of vegetarian dishes, most of them quite interesting vegetarian version of meat / seafood dishes made with soya. So we had the veggie fish and chips (the "fish" being made from millet), soya kara age, and gluten derived fried "oysters". Particularly enjoyed the kara age this time (although I think I also had that last time).

Despite my afternoon nap I was pretty sleepy still, and so we didn't stay out particularly late - just had one more drink in a fairly non-descript izakaya after than then I headed back to my hotel.

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