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Posted on 2012/01/22 18:07:24 (January 2012).

[Saturday 14th January 2012]
I was off to Tokyo for a week from today, for work this time - people from various of my company's offices around the world were converging on Tokyo for a week long "summit" which was quite relevant to my project.

I managed to get myself into Upper Class on Virgin Atlantic both ways for the first time, having only previously managed to upgrade for one leg. It was also my first time to see the Clubhouse at London Heathrow (both times I'd been in Upper before had been on the return leg from San Francisco), which is rather large and impressive. I availed myself of breakfast and a couple of pre-flight cocktails while I was there, which coupled with the fast track through security made for a significant improvement over the usual drudgery of waiting for a flight in Heathrow.

I spent a fair chunk of the flight availing myself of the onboard bar in Upper as well, and got chatting to three entrepreneurs who were off to Japan for a few todays to find new products to bring back to Europe. They were quite an unruly lot, and a couple of times during the flight we (mainly they, I'd like to think) were asked to keep the noise down as apparently there had been complaints from Premium Economy.

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