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Posted on 2012/01/22 18:06:27 (January 2012).

[Sunday 8th January 2012]
We decided a walk in the country would be a good idea today, and Chie suggested going to Windsor which turned out to be very accessible (just 45 minutes and no changes from Vauxhall station, which is only a short walk for us), and made me wonder why we hadn't been before since we've been living in London.

Our walking route ended up somewhat based around where we could have lunch, and to my slight embarrassment I have to admit some enthusiasm on my part when I discovered there was a Toby Carvery in Old Windsor. We had been to the one in Reading once or twice many years ago, and I remember being impressed by how good they were for vegetarians like me, who absolutely loathe the idea of going to a pub for Sunday lunch and being palmed off with a mushroom risotto or something equally unfitting. They actually have proper vegetarian options served with, most importantly, roast potatoes, and also proper brown vegetarian gravy.

So we got off the train at Datchet, and did a not particularly attractive section of the Thames Path, which took us to Old Windsor, by way of the Windsor Farm Shop, wherein we contributed to the royal coffers and bought some presents for Tanaka-san's family to take on my upcoming trip to Japan.

We arrived at the 'Carvery some time around 2, but then had quite a long wait for a table. Whilst we were waiting we popped into a little antiques fair across the road to help pass the time. Eventually our buzzer went off and we were seated, there was however then more queueing, and given that I had a vegetarian option but Chie didn't (which meant a lot more queuing for her) it was a bit difficult to coordinate to eat at the same time. It was pretty much at the opposite end of the spectrum to the eateries of Belgravia etc, to which we've become accustomed in the last few years, and I didn't particularly care for the surroundings, but despite that I rather enjoyed the food.

Our stomachs filled with hearty bargain priced stodge, we then set off in the direction of Windsor, again to begin with a fairly uninteresting stretch along a road, but then after that we joined The Long Walk, which was much more scenic. Albeit that it was quite a grey day. This took us up to Windsor Castle, and into the town of Windsor, where we had a quick look around the shops before getting the train back to London.

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