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Diwana and the Euston Cider Tap

Posted on 2012/01/22 18:06:27 (January 2012).

[Saturday 7th January 2012]
Stayed in for the daytime, and just left the flat in the evening, to go for some Indian food at Diwana on Drummon Street. Every time we go I try to order less food, but still end up ordering too much. So this time we just ordered one of each of the two daily specials - one sag aloo, one mutter paneer - but fatally also ordred a start to share. Anyway, although we had too much to eat it was tasty as ever, but we did both experience some, errr, repercussions the next morning.

While we were in the area, I was keen to try out the new Euston Cider Tap, which had opened in the funny little lodge building opposite the Euston Tap. They claim to be London's first dedicated cider bar, although I am keen to point out they're in fact London's first dedicated cider bar since the 1960s when the last of the Westons Cider Houses in London closed, a little known fact I had discovered by chance last year. Whilst the actual venue is a tad weird, they do have an interesting range of ciders and I was delighted to see this very strong symbol of the cider resurgence first hand.

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