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Day Before New Year's Eve

Posted on 2011/12/31 11:59:14 (December 2011).

[Friday 30th December 2011]
A pretty lazy morning slobbing around the flat, after which we eventually headed out around 2ish to do some shopping. Initially Chie was thinking about buying a new pair of shoes, or maybe a bag, but the rain seemed to destroy her enthusiasm. So in the end we just bought some Quercus hand soap from Penhaligon's (I love the citrusy/woody smell of their Quercus range, and they had a few items on sale) and some Champagne from Fortnum and Mason for New Year's Eve.

After that we'd pretty much decided to just give up and go home, but we were both feeling a bit peckish (despite having had lunch at home), and I came up with the idea of going for a spot of dim sum. So we trudged through the miserable damp streets of London to Joy King Lau, our favourite place for dim sum in Chinatown, and therein indulged in an embarrassingly cheap feast of little steamed and fried delights. Following the culinarily disappointing week in Dartmouth I felt like my tastebuds had been reawoken after a long sleep - it was utterly delicious.

In the evening we met up with Gav, who was back in England for Christmas and New Year, along with Kyle and Tony. We started off with a pint in the Coach and Horses, then proceded on to old favourite Bincho on Old Compton Street for some Japanese-things-on-sticks and a glass or two of sake. Having talked about Campari during dinner Gav and I had both developed a craving for a cocktail, and so we rounded off the evening with a Negroni at a bar called Thirst, around the corner.

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