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Back to London

Posted on 2011/12/30 12:43:41 (December 2011).

[Thursday 29th December 2011]
Got up relatively early this morning - around 8 - to pack up our things in the house in Dartmouth, tidy up a bit, say our goodbyes, and then head off. We got away around 10 in the end.

On the way back Chie wanted to stop off to do some shopping, and Robin had suggested the Clark's Village outlet shopping centre thing in Somerset, so we headed there. We arrived around midday, and went for a bit of a wander round. It was a bit disappointing really, not bad for "homewares" as they put it (crockery, cooking utensils etc) - we bought a Le Creuset frying pan - but pretty downmarket when it came to clothes. Still, I suppose it broke the journey up a bit.

We were originally planning to go back via the quick but boring route of M5+M4, but after our diversion to Clark's Village it seemed like it would be quicker to carry on to the A303 and go back more or less the same way as we did on the way to Dartmouth. The drive still seemed long and a bit boring in places, but probably was less boring than it would have been on the M4 which is truly mind numbing.

We eventually got back to central London around 5:30, dropped off our stuff at the flat, then took the car back to the car hire place.

In the evening we watched all three episodes of Great Expectations back to back on iPlayer (I'd just watched the second while we were in Dartmouth, which Chie had missed as she was having a shower). Quite enjoyed that, although the ending was a bit of an anti-climax. You know, after how much it had been built up. There had been a lot of hype. It had built to a strong sense of anticipation. Etc.

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