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Last Day in Dartmouth

Posted on 2011/12/30 10:31:00 (December 2011).

[Wednesday 28th December 2011]
Today was our last full day in Dartmouth, and I was determined to tie up a loose end, and make one last attempt to get to the Tower Inn in Slapton. We'd actually driven past Slapton last night as well, and then realised it was too early in the evening - so this would be our third attempt of the week.

Third time lucky then - we parked up outside the village again and wandered in for about 1:30, perfectly in time for lunch. It's a really attractive pub inside too, everything you dream about in an ancient rustic inn, with thick stone walls, undecorated inside other than a simple whitewash, lots of irregular looking beams, low ceilings, a big fireplace and nice old furniture. The food was really good too - I had a surprisingly good mushroom tortelloni - not exactly ancient Devonshire fare but it was tasty nonetheless.

The remainder of the day was comparatively uneventful. Following a session of horse trading about what to do for dinner in the evening we eventually settled on getting fish and chips and bringing it back to the house to eat.

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