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Christmas Party

Posted on 2011/12/18 10:40:49 (December 2011).

[Wednesday 14th December 2011]
Had my company's main Christmas party this evening. I originally wasn't planning on going, and so hadn't registered for a ticket, but at the last minute my old friend Simon (from Softel days), who rather pleasingly has recently joined my company, asked if I was going, and for old time's sake I thought it would be good to go along for a bit. The Softel Christmas parties were always really good, and although I knew my current employer's attempts tended to pale by comparison, it seemed like it would somehow be breaking a tradition to not go along with Simon when the chance arose. So somehow I managed to get a spare ticket, and after meeting up with Chie for a quick dinner, I headed over to Embankment, where the party was being held in a dingy nightclub in the railway arches.

It was, of course, crap - as they always are. The music was far too loud, it was overcrowded, there were long queues for the bar, and after our first three drink tokens ran out, cheap awful mass produced cans of beer were charged at 4.90 each (I therefore only bought one).

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