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Alba Truffles, Wedding Anniversary, 39 Steps

Posted on 2011/12/10 09:32:13 (December 2011).

[Thursday 8th December 2011]
A couple of the chaps at work proposed going for lunch at Oliveto today, and of course I was more than happy to go along with that. I assumed I'd be having pizza as usual, but when the manager came and told us about the specials I couldn't resist the tagliarini with white Alba truffles - hoping it might go some way to make up for the slightly disappointing experience the previous evening. It was more successful somehow - I'm not sure if it was down to the quality of the truffles, or perhaps the fact that two of the chaps also ordered the same thing, so the table was three quarters full of truffles dishes, which really helped ensure that all important fragrance didn't get lost in the noise.

Today was our wedding anniversary - five years today! We'd had the meal with the usual Champagne etc last night, partly because I'd booked for us to go the the theatre tonight to see the 39 Steps at the Criterion Theatre. It also made sense not to have a big meal tonight as Chie had her Christmas lunch do at work, wherein they didn't actually finish eating until 5.

I really enjoyed the 39 Steps, it was rather silly and farcical but they made really good use of props and all the character/costume changes added to the humour of it all. I also really liked the main character's rather fetching tweed suit.

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