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Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman

Posted on 2011/12/10 09:32:12 (December 2011).

[Sunday 4th December 2011]
We booked this morning - at 10:40 - to go and see Grayson's Perry's exhibition at the British Museum - the Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman. It was actually pretty much my first time to see any of Perry's work in real life (with the possible exception of his take on a mappa mundi which featured in last year's exhibition of maps at the British Library), and to date I'd been consigned to just pictures (including the book I bought a while back) and on the telly.

So it was rather exciting to actually get up close to the real thing, in particular to be able to see his pots from all angles. I particularly liked the first item you see on arrival - a pot he titled "You are Here" which appears to poke fun at all the insincere reasons he imagined people would have for coming to his exhibition.

After that we felt like going for a coffee so we could chat about the exhibition, and ended up wandering to Soho and going to Milk Bar, one of the many Australian run coffee shops that seem to be all the rage in London at the moment. It wasn't bad I suppose.

I then popped into Gerry's on Old Compton Street to pick up a couple more cocktail ingredients - this time Aperol and Angostura Orange Bitters. From there we headed to Tibits for lunch. I headed home after that and left Chie to do a bit more shopping.

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