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Moving Desks

Posted on 2011/11/26 15:54:05 (November 2011).

[Friday 25th November 2011]
Proper work ground to a halt even earlier than usual at my office today, as we were required to pack up our desks and vacate the floor by 4:30. We'd been temporarily housed on the 3rd floor for the past few months whilst the 4th floor underwent a significant refit, our things were going to be moved over the weekend, and we'd be in the newly refurbished floor on Monday morning. I was slightly frustrated to see some people took that as an excuse to essentially stop work at lunchtime, and spend a couple of hours inefficiently packing up. To make a point I worked right up until 4:25, and cleared my desk and unplugged all the cables from my computers in the space of five minutes.

TGIF, the usual end-of-the-week beer and pizza thing started earlier for most people as a result, it normally doesn't get properly underway until 5, but by 4:45 it was already packed - particularly given the added attraction this week of some visiting guide dogs.

Chie had a dentist appointment nearby at the end of the day, after which she came to join us for a drink at the office.

Went for dinner with some people from work, including my friend Simon who had recently joined the company. We planned to go for a pub dinner, but it seemed a bit too busy, so eventually went for tapas at Goya instead.

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