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Ai-san back to Japan

Posted on 2011/11/26 15:37:38 (November 2011).

[Thursday 24th November 2011]
Ai-san was heading back to Japan today, but not before she joined me at my office for one last English breakfast - her third this week. It's rather heartwarming to see a Japanese person (or anyone for that matter) display that level of enthusiasm for English food. I waved her off after that. I do hope she enjoyed her little trip to London. It sounds like she's working very hard in her job as an air hostess, and hasn't had more than a couple of days off at a time for months. Rather frustratingly although she's perpetually on a plane she effectively doesn't really get a chance to travel in any meaningful sense of the word. She only does short haul flights, and typically the turn around times are less than an hour. She's technically been to Hong Kong countless times, but almost never gets a chance to even get off the plane, let alone get out of the airport. She told us her November trip to London was her "summer holiday".

What with Ai-san having been with us for the first half of the week we'd had a busy run of evenings out, so tonight we were quite content with a quiet night in. Chie made Japanese food for dinner, including some fried tofu steaks in a very nice sweet mirin, sake and soy sauce.

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