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Curry with Frank and Ai-san

Posted on 2011/11/26 09:05:28 (November 2011).

[Wednesday 23rd November 2011]
Today was Ai-san's last night of her short stay in London, and we'd arranged to meet up with Frank, who used to be at university with her and Chie. We were also joined by Keisuke-san, who they knew via Taiko, the Japanese drumming that some of Chie's friends used to do in their university days.

Curry had been proposed for dinner, and so Chie and I decided to take them to Woodlands in Haymarket. It's an entirely vegetarian South Indian restaurant which Chie and I have been to many times before, and I'm always really delighted with how well this place seems to go down with non-vegetarians. Tonight was no exception, and the food seemed to be very well enjoyed by all.

After dinner Keisuke-san headed home, leaving the four of us to go for an after dinner pint in the Red Lion on Duke of York Street, which, although regrettably a bit overcrowded, seeemed to go down rather well too. Frank seemed to have a bit of interest in old pubs and so I'm hopeful I can at some point in the future take him on a tour of some of my favourites.

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