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Sunday with Ai-san

Posted on 2011/11/26 09:05:27 (November 2011).

[Sunday 20th November 2011]
We started the day with a funny sort of breakfast, I'd bought a couple of tins of Ful Medames (stewed fava beans) and having been told by one of the waiters in Noura that Lebanese people typically ate this dish for breakfast, I thought I'd give that a go. We didn't have any Middle Eastern flatbread so I made do with some flour tortillas I found in the freezer. I'm not sure Chie quite knew what to make of it but I thought it was quite delicious.

In the afternoon we headed over to King's Road to do a bit of shopping, I was trying to persuade Chie to get a new dress to wear for our upcoming visit to the Savoy, but she couldn't find anything that particularly grabbed her. So ultimately all we ended up buying was some vegetarian friendly shampoo from Holland and Barrett.

In the evening Ai-san arrived from Japan - she was going to be staying with us for a few days. As always she'd filled almost half her suitcase with food and drink from Japan for us, including a bag of new crop rice from Kyushu, and six cans of non-alcoholic Japanese beer.

As it was a Sunday night, and we imagined everywhere would be a bit dead, not to mention the fact that Ai-san would probably be tired after her long flight, we decided to eat in. So I made a kind of roast meal (toad in the hole with vegetarian sausages). Perhaps more impressive was the starter - I made my own blinis using a left over baked potato, served with vegetarian caviar and sour cream. We also had the bottle of Chapel Down sparkling wine which has been in our fridge for a while, and seemed like a fitting accompaniment for the vegetarian caviar.

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