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Mixed Bag

Posted on 2011/11/26 09:05:26 (November 2011).

[Saturday 19th November 2011]
A bit of a mixed bag of a Saturday - we decided around 2:30 we should probably get out of the flat, but didn't have any particular plan in mind so just got on a bus into the centre. On arrival we realised there wasn't really any shopping we wanted to do, so thought instead we might try and take in a museum. I've been wanting to go to the John Soane museum for some time, but on arrival there was a big queue outside and we thought it better to come back in the week at some point.

So, as we were in that neck of the woods we went to the Seven Stars for a drink, and sat at a table beside a sleeping Ray Brown, the new pub cat. He seemed quite determined to remain asleep throughout our stay, but regardless it was still somehow pleasant to just be in his presence.

Chie decided she wanted to go to Harrod's after that (something to do with vouchers I think?) so we got on the Piccadilly line from Holborn to Knightsbridge. We mainly had a wander round the Food Hall, and just bought some chocolates - I decided it would be good to buy some violet creams, and see how they compare to Fortnum and Mason's.

We headed back home by way of Belgravia, and spotted the new Pierre Hermé shop there, so decided to go in, and bought some macarons.

I don't remember what we had for dinner, but after dinner we had a bit of a tasting session of both the Harrod's violet creams (which were good but for me didn't dislodge Fortnum and Mason's from the top spot) and a couple of the macarons. The white truffle and hazelnut macaron was divine (when Chie sniffs something with truffle in and screws her face up I know it's good) - really very truffley indeed.

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