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Posted on 2011/11/19 12:48:22 (November 2011).

[Friday 18th November 2011]
Didn't go to TGIF (the usual end-of-the-week-beer-and-pizza thing) today, somehow I wasn't really in the mood for beer. Instead I left work at 5:30 sharp and headed home by way of Sainsbury's, to buy things for maxing a Quorn chilli. I had a craving for something spicy, possibly as I felt like I was starting to get a cold.

The chilli was moderately successful, helped by lots of fresh chillies and new jars of cumin and coriander, as well as the usual George's Marvellous Medicine of a couple of dashes of all sorts of other flavourings - Henderson's relish, tabasco, Angostura bitters, brown sugar, stock powder, bay leaves, lots of black pepper, some cayenne chilli powder and probably a few other things I've forgotten. I like that kind of cooking. I also made some fresh salsa with a little raw onion, raw chillies, raw tomatoes and some olive oil and lemon juice, that I was rather pleased with.

We watched Burn After Reading after dinner, the latest DVD to arrive from Love Film, one of those ones that neither of us can remember ordering, and we both had a vague feeling we'd seen at least some of before. It wasn't bad I suppose.

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