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West Malling

Posted on 2011/11/19 10:00:10 (November 2011).

[Sunday 13th November 2011]
Michelle had invited us to come and visit her and Steve in West Malling, in Kent today. It's only about a three quarters of an hour trip from Victoria by train, and I'd been keen for and excuse for Chie and I to go somewhere in the country where we could both wear our tweed jackets. So it made for a rather nice day out.

We arrived in West Malling around 10:30, and after meeting Michelle and Steve at the station headed out for a bit of a stroll. The weather was rather lovely - a crisp but sunny Autumn day. Michelle took us on a bit of a tour of orchards, and as the harvest had already taken place any apple left on the trees were effectively rejects and up for grabs. There's always something rather special about eating fruit straight from the tree, something we appreciate even more nowadays as a result of living in London.

After our stroll our thoughts started to turn to lunch, commencing with a pre-lunch "snifter" (as Robin would say) at a pub called the Five Pointed Star, which had all the country pub details you'd hope - an open fire, low hanging beams, and some suitably grizzly "ooo aarrr" type regulars. Lunch proper was then had at a pub called the Scared Crow, which rather bizarrely had a mostly Mexican menu. I had a Ploughman's which was OK I suppose.

We also fit in a cup of tea at Michelle and Steve's house and a visit to their allotment, as well as another pub or two, before getting on the train back to London in the early evening.

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