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Horniman Museum

Posted on 2011/11/19 10:00:09 (November 2011).

[Sunday 6th November 2011]
Mum wanted to meet up with Adrian, Liz and the kids while she was down in the South East, so proposed we go for a trip to the Horniman Museum, thinking it would be easier for them to get to than coming into central London.

As it turned out the three of us coming from Pimlico found a very convenient bus service, but Adrian and Liz somehow managed to take a wrong turn en route and were quite late, but anyway, they got there in the end.

I didn't know quite what to make of the Horniman museum - it's an odd mixture of different sections. We started with the natural history section, which has a rather impressive stuffed giant walrus, but then after that it continues with a really incongruous collection of different exhibitions. Still, the kids seemed to like the music instruments section (where the are instruments the kids can play with) and the aquarium, so I think it can probably overall be described a success.

After lunch we headed to the nearby Dartmouth Arms for Sunday lunch which I think met with general approval as well.

We waved off Adrian, Liz and the kids after that, and then got on a train - our first time to take one of the new Overground line trains (and I quite liked it - clean and spacious) - back towards London proper. We put Mum on the Victoria line at Green Park, from where she returned to St. Pancras to get the train back to the Midlands.

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