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Posted on 2011/11/19 10:00:07 (November 2011).

[Wednesday 2nd November 2011]
We had an "offsite" this afternoon with our visitors from the US, and took them all to get some sea air in Brighton.

The weather wasn't particularly clement - it was grey and windy (which thinking about it is pretty typical considering my past few visits to Brighton) and I wonder what our visitors made of it, most of them having come from sunny California. Following a windswept and definitely bracing stroll along the beach, and a visit to the pier (including a quick go on the dodgems) the consensus seemed to be that going indoors would be a good thing, so we retreated to the Druid's Head for a late afternoon pint, before eventually heading on for an early dinner of fish and chips at Bardsley's.

Not sure I massively enjoyed the chips and Bardsley's, and the "bubble cake" (some kind of cheese and onion fry-it type thing) wasn't that fantastic either, but to their great credit they had Veuve Clicquot on the menu, and something about having Champagne with fish and chips felt suitably decadent.

A subset of us fit in one last pub before getting the train back to London.

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