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Regency Cafe and Shopping

Posted on 2011/10/30 11:46:08 (October 2011).

[Saturday 29th October 2011]
Started the day with breakfast at the Regency Cafe with Alex and Alice, then walked into the centre of London with them before waving them off.

I was in the mood for some shopping, so we started with a wander down Jermyn Street, after which we headed to Piccadilly to have a look in Cordings, the tweed specialist - it had caught my eye a few times but this was the first time I'd actually been inside. I didn't end up buying anything for myself, and instead we actually bought a rather fetching ladies' tweed jacket for Chie. See tomorrow's entry for some pictures.

I was in a decidedly extravagant mood, and after leaving Piccadilly we headed along Bond Street. We went into the Cartier shop to look at some of their cufflinks, and slightly surprised myself by actually buying a pair. The chap in the shop asked if they were a gift - I said no they were for me - and then asked if it was a special occasion or something - to which I just smiled and shrugged. An extremely self indulgent purchase, but having watched the Antiques Roadshow a lot I'm assured of how well things from Cartier keep their value, and I see them as antiques in the making.

Back at home in the evening we had Chinese food for dinner, I made a stir fry with pak choi and soy chunks, in a ginger, garlic, mirin and sake sauce. It came out rather well.

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