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End of August

Posted on 2011/09/03 17:19:08 (September 2011).

[Wednesday 31st August 2011]
Well that's it then, the end of August, which I suppose pretty much means the end of summer. What a wash out it has been. Really must spend more of next summer abroad, especially as London will be inundated for a couple of weeks thanks to the Olympics.

Quite a stressful day at the work, particularly the first half of the day - progress on the current thing I'm working on is frustratingly slow, as every little part of it seems to need approval from somebody in another timezone. At one point I got so frustrated I banged my head on my desk. I then subsequently had a headache for the rest of the day, and really regretted having done that.

I really wanted to eat garlic bread for dinner tonight - which we'd often have when I was a kid on Wednesdays, it being pasta night. So I made some garlic butter, in a pestle and mortar (as Mum taught me to do), and used a part baked baguette, as Mum used to as well.

Comment 1

Crikey, I'd best send you some home-grown garlic as well!

Posted by John's Mum at 2011/09/05 18:03:48.

Comment 2

I think I cut that last paragraph a bit short - I meant to say it came out a bit pale in the end - is that just down to using an inferior part baked baguette, or is there some secret to that?

I wrapped it in foil (but then later on opened it up to let it brown), and spread some of the garlic butter on the outside as I remembered you used to do. Was there something else I'm missing?

Posted by John at 2011/09/05 18:25:26.

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