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Sunday in South Wales

Posted on 2011/07/31 19:58:46 (July 2011).

[Sunday 31st July 2011]
It was a bit of a flying visit to Vera and Robin this time - we only stayed Saturday night, and had booked a train back to London at 3ish in the afternoon.

Still, we had time this morning for a leisurely breakfast, and to take Vera out for a walk around the estate, and to lend Robin a bit of a hand in the garden, before lunch. A Sunday roast, of course. The potatoes were particularly good. We also spent some time during the morning and over lunch talking about the idea of buying a holiday home - we're still unexcited by the prospect of buying a flat in London, but given the current rate of inflation I feel like leaving money in the bank may not be the best thing to do. Maybe just a daydream but it was a rather appealing idea, and possibly even a fairly sensible one.

Lunch extended more or less until it was time to get our train. As almost always seems to be the way when going back on a Sunday the return journey took much longer - the line between Bristol and Swindon was closed, so they had to divert via Bath and Chippenham for that bit. Anyway, we eventually got back home for 7.

Chie managed to scrape together some Japanese food for dinner in the evening, mainly from dried things we had in the cupboard.

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