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Working Late

Posted on 2011/07/31 19:58:45 (July 2011).

[Thursday 28th July 2011]
Went to the dentists today to see the hygienist - I've got into a routine of going once every 3 months now. After years of pretty patchy dealings with dentistry, and having changed dentists lots of times, I've finally found one I am more or less happy with, and have eventually fallen into a good pattern again.

As appears to be becoming a bit of a tradition, after going to the dentists I went for lunch at Oliveto (partly because it's close to my dentist). My friend Kyle from the office joined me there.

Had a rather slow and unproductive afternoon, and as Chie was out with some people from her office this evening I decided to stay late to try and make up for it. I had a sudden burst of inspiration during a late meeting, and from 7 onwards engaged in a sudden burst of productivity.

Rounded off the evening with a late drink with Andrew from the office, who also seemed to be staying late, and a friend of his at the Horse and Groom. It was still nice enough to sit outside even at around 10 o' clock.

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