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Chap Olympiad

Posted on 2011/07/24 11:11:47 (July 2011).

[Saturday 16th July 2011]
My first visit to the Chap Olympiad, a sort of sports day for dandies. It's basically an excuse to dress up in eccentric chap outfits and stand around with other like minded individuals whilst some whimsical sporting events take place. I'd bought two tickets for it a while back, and had persuaded Chie, who seemed a bit perplexed by the whole thing, to come along too.

I started off the morning running some errands - I was out of the flat not long after 9, and headed over to Peter Jones, the Sloane Square branch of John Lewis, to buy a new digital camera (the last one has an annoying artefact on the lens which I haven't been able to remove) - I decided to try a Canon Ixus this time round. Whilst there I also bought some handkerchiefs - wanting something to put in my jacket pocket, to complete my outfit for the afternoon. Good old John Lewis. I also needed to swing by Victoria station to pick up our train tickets for our holiday, and my office to pick up my umbrella. This turned out to be essential, as it rained pretty much all day long from then on.

Despite the relentlessly damp conditions I did still manage to enjoy the Chap Olympiad. It was a bit harder to gauge Chie's reaction, which seemed to be largely one of continued bemusement at the whole thing. In particular the chap doing the commentating on the event had a very dry and chappish sense of humour which was rather superb. See the pictures for more details of the day's events.

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