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Posted on 2011/06/26 10:00:46 (June 2011).

[Friday 24th June 2011]
Just showed my face very briefly at TGIF at the end of the day today, as most of the people I'd usually hang around with there were in Disneyland. Afterwards went for one quick drink at the pub with a couple of people from my team, before heading home to make dinner.

I was really in the mood for kimchi, and so had bought some hakusai (Chinese leaf) in Sainsbury's, and some chilli paste in the vain hope I might be able to improvise something similar with the kind of ordinary ingredients you can buy in a normal supermarket. So once I got back home I tried using a combination of chopped ginger, garlic puree and chilli paste, to approximate something like the flavour of the real thing. It wasn't really a huge success, although that said it probably needed to be left overnight at least to be a fairer comparison. I think the key thing is the type of chilli peppers they use in the proper Korean recipe, which seem to have quite a different flavour to the sorts of peppers we use in the West.

Using the improvised kimchi I made a kind of kimchi nabe for dinner, also including some fresh tofu and shiitake. It was OK I guess.

The remainder of the evening was really quite boring, and I found myself eventually browsing property sites, something that has become a futile affliction with a depressing familiarity.

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