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Pub lunch and Vita Organic

Posted on 2011/06/26 10:00:45 (June 2011).

[Thursday 23rd June 2011]
Most of the engineers from my office had gone to Disneyland Paris for an "offsite" (basically a jolly) for the latter half of this week, which made it a lot quieter than usual. Although, regrettably, the two desks crammed very close to mine were still occupied. The few of us that were still around decided as a sort of consolation prize for not going on the offsite (our own choice) that we should go out for a pub lunch today.

In the evening Chie wanted to go for udon at Koya, a Japanese restaurant in Soho. So we met up near there after work, but on arrival found a really long queue out the door, and decided not to bother. Instead, we went to Vita Organic, a vegan buffet place that surprisingly Chie was more keen to try than I was. I wasn't particularly impressed - it was a strange mixture of cuisines (some dishes sort of Chinese, some sort of Indian) which never really works in my opinion. I also managed to get something caught in my throat which seemed to exacerbate my ongoing cough.

Got the bus back as the sun was beginning to set. We sat on the top dock and enjoyed the views of the rather nice sky over the landmarks of London.

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