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Leong's Legend and the Coach and Horses

Posted on 2011/06/26 10:00:44 (June 2011).

[Friday 17th June 2011]
Chie went out to see a play with a friend from her office this evening (something with John Malkovich in it). After a brief attendance at TGIF, Kyle very wisely suggested that it would be good to go and get something to eat, and so along with Andrew and Iain we jumped in a taxi and headed for Chinatown - where Kyle had proposed going to Leong's Legend, a Taiwanese restaurant he'd been to before and thought was very good. I'm always braced for disappointment when it comes to Chinatown, but actually this place (perhaps by virtue of being Taiwanese?) was really good - I had the vegetarian hot and sour soup followed by the vegetarian ma po tofu, both very spicy and flavoursome. The staff were also really chirpy and upbeat, and actually smiling - something I don't think I've ever encountered before in Chinatown, or Chinese restaurants in London in general.

From there we headed into Soho for a post dinner drink - I suggested the Coach and Horses on the basis it is a really decent traditional pub, but one that seems to attract a very interesting and unusual crowd. Oh and they server Orchard Pig, which is a rather excellent cider, with stilton like qualities.

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