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Deep Fried Pizza

Posted on 2011/06/26 10:00:43 (June 2011).

[Monday 13th June 2011]
Chie took the day off today to do more touristy stuff with Shoko-chan. Having felt like I'd done my bit over the weekend, I decided to leave the girls to it this evening, and instead went out to meet up with Al, who proposed going for a pint or two at the Harp, and Andrew from the office came along too. The weather had taken a dramatic turn for the better following the awful wash out of a weekend, and it was pleasant enough to stand outside the pub.

Keen not to fall into the all-too-easy bad habit of after work drinking and ending up not having any dinner, after our first pint I proposed going to get something to eat. At the weekend I'd read about Rossopomodoro which had rather appealed to me for all the Neapolitan specialities I hadn't seen anywhere else in London. Justifying it to myself with "when in Rome..." (I guess that should really be Naples) I went the whole hog and ordered the calzone fritti - deep fried pizza. It was really delicious, and surprisingly light and easy to eat - sort of like a savoury doughnut. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

After dinner we rounded the evening off with a final drink at the Lamb and Flag.

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