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Champagne with Kyle and Hannah

Posted on 2011/06/26 10:00:42 (June 2011).

[Wednesday 8th June 2011]
Lunch at Oliveto with Iain and Andrew. Excellent as ever.

In the evening, for no particular reason, Kyle and I felt like a bit of reckless extravagance, so decided to head out to find somewhere to drink Champagne. After a bit of a wander we ended up at Gallery Mess - the café/bar/restaurant place attached to the Saatchi Gallery. Therein we had a bottle of their Greno Brut (a Champagne I had never heard of before - I believe it may be attached to the house of Pommery) and some rather ridiculous little antipasto plates. Kyle's other half Hannah joined us there, and after finishing up our drinks, it still being fairly early, we decided to head on for another drink at the Antelope round the corner. There we had another Champagne I've never heard of before, whose name I don't even remember.

We spent most of the evening talking about tailoring - very much a hot topic for me having just last week ordered my first bespoke suit. It turns out Hannah is something of a seamstress and I was impressed to find out she'd made the jacket she was wearing.

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