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Posted on 2011/06/05 14:10:51 (June 2011).

[Friday 3rd June 2011]
Met up with Chie for lunch again, this time at the Regency Cafe. It's the first time Chie has been for lunch here (her office being on the other side of London, it wouldn't normally be very practical!), but unfortunately it was not a great success. They have fish and chips on a Friday, but there was a bit of a problem with the fish she ordered - for which I wouldn't want to assign any blame to the Regency, where the food is normally unfailingly excellent - and to their credit without any fuss at all they gave us the money back for it. However by that point Chie had lost her appetite and it was a bit of a disappointment, which cast a rather grey mood over the rest of the afternoon. No doubt exacerbated by the fact Chie's exam was looming, and after months of studying she was naturally a bit stressed. Ho, hum.

I went to the usual end of the week thing at the end of the working day, and sat out with some of the chaps from the office on the balcony for a bit, which was very nice. After that I headed back home and we head a rather boring pasta based dinner - some pasta sauce in a jar which wasn't as nice as I'd remembered it was, and some asparagus that was definitely past its best.

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