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Burritos in St. James's Park

Posted on 2011/06/05 14:10:50 (June 2011).

[Wednesday 1st June 2011]
As Chie was off work all week studying for her exam, it meant we could meet up for lunch, which was rather nice. As it was a very nice day outside - as though summer had suddenly been switched on for June 1st - I thought it would be nice to go and buy something and eat it in the park. So we met at my favourite Mexican takeaway - Piccante Mexican Grill - bought a couple of their excellent burritos, and then headed over to St. James's Park. It made for a very nice break from work.

In the evening Chie was out with a friend, so I decided to try out the newly refurbished Windsor Castle (the Sam Smith's pub formerly known as The Cardinal), which had apparently just re-opened the day before. They've put in some very nice panelling, and more partitions than it had before (consistent with how many public would have looked in Victorian times). It has been done very well, but I am starting to get a feeling that these Sam Smith's refurbishments are, well, a bit samey, and when you can still smell the new paint it's hard to get a sense of authenticity.

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