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Bank Holiday Monday

Posted on 2011/06/05 12:44:18 (June 2011).

[Monday 30th May 2011]
I had more or less forgotten this weekend was going to be a bank holiday weekend, and Chie was again busy with studying for her exam (less than a week to go now!) so we ended up not doing very much today.

Just went out in the morning for a pain au chocolat at the new Le Pain Quotidien which has opened in London. This Belgian patisserie/café chain seems to have been all the rage in London over the past year or two, but I'm already bored of them, on only my second visit. London does not need any more chains.

After quickly popping in to Sainsbury's we went back home, where we spent the rest of the day. I made ramen for lunch (when I say "made" I mean I made the stir-fry to go on top of it - the actual noodles were of the instant variety), Chie studied for most of the afternoon and I got some work done. In the evening Chie made kakiage, a style of tempura where you make a sort of nest out of sliced onions, carrots etc, and in our case some soya chunks. Rather delicious but of course accompanied by the usual sense of guilt you get whenever eating deep fried food. Consequently I did a stint on the exercise bike after dinner, whilst watching some program on the telly about Egypt.

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