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Chie's Mock Test and Dried Beans

Posted on 2011/06/05 12:24:18 (June 2011).

[Saturday 28th May 2011]
Today Chie had the mock version of her upcoming exam for the course she's been doing the past few months. So I was mostly left to my own devices in the daytime. I did a bit of work in the morning, and then just before 3 headed out with the intention of doing a bit of shopping. The weather has been really funny this month, and after a warm spell in April, most of May had actually been pretty grey and occasionally quite cold. So today I thought I'd make the most of that, and headed out in my tweed jacket, it being probably (hopefully) the last time I'd want to wear a heavy jacket until autumn now.

I had decided I'd like to make Boston Baked Beans this weekend, which means buying dried beans. So I initially headed towards the Waitrose in Belgravia, and was rather disappointed to find they didn't sell either of the kinds I was looking for (ideally haricots, but failing that black eyed beans). I then tried the Waitrose on King's Road, and no luck there either - nor in the Holland and Barrett nearby. I eventually found them in Partridge's, where I also met up with Chie, having finished her test by then.

Given that beans require soaking overnight, they wouldn't be ready until tomorrow lunchtime at least, so dinner this evening was instead some rather unadventurous pasta, with a tomato and wild mushroom sauce we'd bought in Partridge's which was a bit disappointing.

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