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Wednesday in Zurich

Posted on 2011/04/24 09:47:10 (April 2011).

[Wednesday 20th April 2011]
My main reason for coming to Zurich was the committee, but it seemed a waste to come all this way and only stay one day. So as always I'd added another full day on to my itinerary, as there are a few people at the Zurich office who work on projects related to mine, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up. I had a meeting in the morning, one at the end of the day, and also had lunch with a friend who had moved from the London office last year. Plus also lots of those serendipitous hallway conversations which in my experience often ends up being where decisions are actually made at companies like this.

In the evening I went for dinner at an Italian restaurant called Cucina, which I'd chosen using some informed queries on Google Maps, and had the impression was generally considered to be one of the better places for pizza in Zurich. It was actually pretty good - I had a porcini pizza which actually had recognisable porcini on it. Although on the downside the walk there from my hotel took me through a somewhat less salubrious part of Zurich.

Didn't stay out particularly late this evening, it had been a bit of a late night the previous evening, and I hadn't really slept very well, so was keen to get a decent night's sleep tonight.

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