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Afternoon Tea at the Royal Academy of Arts

Posted on 2011/01/30 18:01:46 (January 2011).

[Sunday 30th January 2011]
Stayed in the flat until around 2:30ish, Chie spent a lot of the time chatting with her family over Skype, whilst I continued to fill in gaps in my blog over the past few months.

We realised we were a bit bored, so went out with the mission to be extravagant and buy some nice things. Chie browsed in some clothes shops and I had a look at some books but we ended up not really buying anything in the end.

We did however go for tea at the restaurant in the Royal Academy of Arts, which was very nice. The scones were delicious.

Headed back home after that, by way of the Thames to have a quick glimpse at the early evening sky over the river, which looked rather nice.

Comment 1

Sunset's pictures are marvelous!!

Posted by yoko at 2011/02/12 09:24:24.

Comment 2

Sunset's pictures are marvelous!!

Posted by yoko at 2011/02/12 09:24:27.

Comment 3

Arigato Yoko-san!

Posted by John at 2011/02/12 13:09:46.

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