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Flat Viewing

Posted on 2011/01/29 18:29:00 (January 2011).

[Saturday 29th January 2011]
We're still looking for a flat to buy, on and off, and today Chie wanted to go and look at some apartments South of the river. I'm really not keen on the idea of living (or even visiting!) South of the river, but went along anyway in the interests of trying to be open minded and scientific about the whole process.

We saw three apartments altogether, all in the same development, and have to admit the first was actually quite nice, albeit that the views from the window were all of a rather ugly wall of a rather ugly building next door. Still though, the layout was good and it was large compared to a lot of places we've looked at North of the river, as well as being significantly cheaper... but I'm just not sure I can bring myself to live in that area - both on the way there and the way back it frankly looked a bit scary. Which is pretty much what everywhere I've seen South of the river has looked like so far (with the possible exception of Dulwich, which is quite nice).

On the plus side there was a large Sainsbury's nearby - something you don't really get if you live nearer the centre - so as we were in the area we made use of that.

Went back to the flat after that, had some soup for lunch, and Chie spent the remainder of the afternoon studying for her course, whilst I spent some time filling in numerous large gaps in this blog over the past few weeks. I've started reading Samuel Pepys' diary recently and given that a lot of what he writes about is just what he had for dinner and which pubs he's been to I've been spurred on to try and write my own a bit more often!

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