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Posted on 2011/01/29 14:20:07 (January 2011).

[Monday 10th January]
Chie and I went for dinner at L'Anima this evening - an Italian restaurant near Liverpool St. We'd (or I'd) been partly encouraged to go by rumours it might be getting a Michelin star when the 2011 stars were announced in a week or two's time (in the end, it didn't).

Was slightly ambivalent about it - here's my review:

Nothing particularly wrong with it, but to be honest a bit disappointing. Everything I had was just a bit bland. There weren't a lot of vegetarian options on the menu so I ended up ordering two courses of pasta - the sage and pumpkin tortelli and the "wild" mushroom and black truffle fettucine. It was a reasonable amount of black truffle, but not a particularly fragrant one - I could barely smell it. As for the mushrooms - they were not wild - a particular bugbear of mine. These were a mixture of oyster, shimeji, and ordinary field mushrooms. My wife preferred her food but didn't think it was good value for money - her main course, a fish stew, was a hefty 25. It was apparently tasty and well cooked but none of the ingredients seemed like they really justified the price. On the plus side the service was very good, as were the (non alcoholic) cocktails, and the bread and olives that came at the start.

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