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Posted on 2011/01/09 18:46:41 (January 2011).

[Saturday 8th January 2011]
Second trip to Manze's "Noted" Pie and Eel House, which I really enjoyed again (I still can't quite believe they do a vegetarian version of their beef pie) despite again the slight feeling of somehow being a bit of an imposter - there's obviously a very loyal clientele of regulars who are actually genuine Londoners (you don't often see them in the bits of London I normally frequent), and by comparison I feel like a tourist.

Like last time, we took the bus to get there, and ended up eating some time before midday - I kind of pie based brunch. Then afterwards, as it's on Tower Bridge Road, we walked up and over Tower Bridge from there. Over the other side of Tower Bridge we had a bit of a wander around in the immediate vicinity of Tower Bridge, including a visit to All Hallows by the Tower church which was quite interesting - particularly the crypt.

From there we headed towards the city centre, taking the number 15 bus to Trafalgar Square - this line still uses the old Routemaster bus. These always look rather lovely and old fashioned from the outside, but from the inside you're reminded how bumpy and uncomfortable these were!

Did a bit of shopping after this, including a trip to Fortnum and Mason, wherein I bought some Green Tabasco. My friend Gav had recently raved about it (he said he couldn't find a single savoury food that didn't taste better with it on) and I was keen to test this theory.

We were back at home by around 3ish, where we stayed the rest of the day.

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