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New Coat

Posted on 2011/01/09 18:46:39 (January 2011).

[Sunday 2nd January 2011]
I'd been looking for a new winter coat for some time now, but everything I'd looked at hadn't been quite right. Most of them just seemed a bit too "boxy" - I think they're designed to go over a suit or something. I really didn't want anything mass produced from a high street store this time round, and instead wanted something a bit more stylish and unusual.

Just before Christmas we'd popped into the branch of Boggi on Jermyn Street - I wasn't really familiar with this brand and that seems to be with good reason - they're based in Milan and only have two shops in the UK. I'd rather liked a couple of the coats I'd tried on there, but hadn't been able to quite make up my mind (particularly as they're somewhat on the pricey side). So today Chie suggested we go and have a look at the other Boggi store - the one on Sloane Square - and have another look.

I didn't really understand the sizes here (they seemed to be colour coded or something) - and when I asked the shop assistant which one was a size 38 or 40 I got a bit of a blank look. Rather superbly she was Italian and could barely speak English. We then entered into a slightly comical dialogue where I tried on various different coats and by a series of gestures, facial expressions, and the odd Italian word, she attempted to guide me as to which was the right coat for me. It occurred to me had she been any other nationality than Italian I would probably have considered the whole situation preposterous and walked out without buying anything. However as it was this was clearly a good sales technique and I was eventually convinced that one of the coats was the right one for me. It's the single most expensive item of clothing I've ever bought (I'm generally pretty stingy when it comes to spending on clothes) but I love the look of it, and as it has a sort of inner jacket it's also warm and comfortable.

We did a bit more shopping around the King's Road, but it was already late afternoon, and our thoughts started to turn to dinner. Chie said she fancied eating at Oliveto and so we meandered slowly over in that direction, by way of a couple of pubs - the Duke of Wellington and the Star - for a drink or two.

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